thINK Global

thINK Global was free one-day conference for Peel youth (ages 14-24). The theme of the conference - "Global Arts Perspective" - strives to highlight the multicultural art scene of Mississauga. Youth were introduced to many colourful art forms originating from different parts of the world, including Arabic calligraphy and Latin dance, among others! Youth were also given the chance to connect with established artists and prominent figures in the local arts and culture community, in order to gain a global arts perspective. 

The conference offered 9 workshops from which attendees chose from: 
1. Arabic calligraphy
2. Spoken word poetry
3. Indian classical dance
4. Anime
5. Henna
6. Latin dance
7. Aikido (Japanese martial arts)
8. Aboriginal cultural art
9. Turkish water marbling

1.    Arabic Calligraphy : Omar Uddin

Omar Uddin is a practicing Arabic calligrapher based out of Toronto, Canada. His journey with this sacred art started when he was only 7 and started learning the art from the highly esteemed Master Calligrapher Ahmed Adil. He is the author of the book “Learn to Write Arabic Calligraphy” and host both In-class and online courses in the English language. He has taught more than 2 thousand students in 80 different countries. He aspires of the day when learning the art is easy and accessible to all enthusiasts worldwide and not just learned in the traditional schools in the Middle.


2. Latin Dance : Rosalie

Rosalie is the founder of the Dance To The Rhythm Mississauga & Markham Studios. A highly trained and certified Latin and Standard Ballroom Dance Teacher she currently performs, choreographs and teaches Latin and Standard Ballroom dances as well as informal dances including Salsa, Bachata and Bellydance to both youths and adults. You don't want to miss any opportunity to be coached, trained and mentored by Rosalie. Her teaching technique will take you to your dance next level!


3. Indian Classical Dance: Srinithi

Srinithi has learnt Bharatanatyam for over 15 years from Prabha Raghavan, Artistic Director of Sri Sanskriti Dance Academy in Mississauga. She completed her Arangetram in 2009, and has since performed in several productions and community events. She is also a classical singer, specializing in singing for dance. She is a certified Graphic Designer from George Brown College, a fine artist with a flair for oil paintings and pencil drawings, and an Audit Manager at a large Canadian bank. She continues to
keep her creative passion alive through her company Sri’s Arts. You can find out more at


4. Anime Artist: Katherine Tang 

Katherine Tang is a digital artist and student at Woodlands Secondary School. Anime art is where the foundation of Katherine's style lies, and inspired her to start digital art 5 years ago. Due to the versatility of Anime Art, Katherine believes that it's a good start to developing one's own art style. Along with her experience in digital art, she has also been a commissions artist for 3 years and is well acquainted with the business side of art.

The last day to sign-up for the conference is April 29th at 11:59 pm!


5. Henna Artist: Amna Zia 

Amna is an IB student at Glenforest Secondary School, who is an aspiring henna artist and started practicing henna body art only 8 months ago. As a person who is intrigued by aesthetics and enjoys designing and decorating interiors, Amna is passionate about promoting this cultural art and informing others about cultural appreciation and appropriation. According to her, “As an evolving society, we should teach about, as well as show others different forms in which cultures express themselves, whether it be through the arts or other mediums in order for us to develop a better understanding of bioculture.” Amna has also recently made a Henna design book, “The Art of Henna”, based off South Asian, Arabic and Moroccan henna styles, which she hopes to share at the conference!


6. Turkish Water Marbling: Hacer Atar Ozcan

Hacer Atar Ozcan is a well known Traditional Turkish Water Marbling EBRU Artist in the GTA. Born in Turkey, came to Canada in 1993 and finished most of her education in Toronto. She is a Biological Technician and Pharmaceutical QC graduate and always found interest in Water Marbling Art EBRU. Started taking Ebru lesson in 2006, since then she organize lessons, workshops, open exhibitions, join many festivals and organizations. Her aim is to introduce this ancient and unique art to all the Torontonians.


7. Aikido: Chiko Shimbori

Chiko Shimbori is a Post-Doctoral Fellow working at McMaster University performing basic medical research for 4 years in the field of Pulmonary Fibrosis.While an undergraduate student, she joined her university Aikido club. Aikido is a modern martial arts developed in Japan over the past 90 years. Drawn by its elegant skill and profound philosophy, Chiko thought it was good way to train herself physically and mentally. Having practiced Aikido for 6 years, she achieved a black belt (sho-dan) from Aikikai which is one of the official Aikido organization. Like Aikido, Chiko is very logical and scientific, but it is the lessons of respect for invisible things such as spirituality that makes Aikido a unique Japanese art form.


8. Aboriginal cultural art: Todd Jamieson

An Oneida of the Thames born in London, Ontario, Todd’s art is representative of the early native one- dimensional drawings recovered throughout North America. The father of three now lives in Brampton, and is active in researching native artifacts and ancient crafts.




9. Spoken word artist: Chelsea Tao

Chelsea Tao is a poet and spoken word artist from Mississauga, Ontario. She has performed in poetry slams and shows across the GTA, and is honoured to be part of the Ink Movement Mississauga, a youth non-profit organization that encourages artistic expression in youth. With the Ink Movement, Chelsea organizes an annual GTA-wide youth poetry slam in Mississauga's Living Arts Centre that fosters the city's growing passion for the art.