Ink Movement Mississauga

Maxwell Tran

Bachelor of Health Sciences Level II, McMaster University

Founder and Executive Director

When Max was in high school, he was dismayed at the lack of opportunities available to emerging artists. He started Ink Movement in 2012 to encourage youth to creatively express themselves, and to provide recognition for talented artists. Ink Movement has published two books featuring young writers, visual artists and photographers (Mississauga Youth Anthology, Vol. 1 & 2), organized a workshop series, and hosted the first youth arts conference in Peel Region. To date, Ink Movement has also raised almost $20,000 and expanded to three chapters across Canada. Max is excited to have so many phenomenal artists and youth leaders within the organizational pipeline. He can't wait to see Ink Movement to continue to grow! 


Uswa Zahoor

Grade 12, Glenforest


Uswa Zahoor is a grade 12 student enrolled in the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. She is honoured to be a part of the Ink Movement exec team as the president.  Uswa views herself as a passionate individual who is highly motivated, determined, and dedicated to the work that she does. She possesses a strong passion for ethics and humanitarianism in and outside of school. She is a dedicated advocate in her community, which can be exemplified through her actions as a spoken word artist who presents to youth across Mississauga. Her desire to inspire and encourage the youth, as well as foster a positive relationship between the community has led her to join numerous amazing organizations, one of them being Ink Movement. A fun fact about Uswa is that she is currently working on creating a beauty campaign, called My Perfect Imperfections. She looks forward to working with Mississauga to bring out the creativity.


Prapthi Agarwala

Grade 11, Cawthra Park

Vice-President of Communications

Prapthi is a grade 11 student at Cawthra Park Secondary School. Prapthi is ecstatic to be a part of the InkMovement family  this year as the VP of communications. She is a lover of the arts, sciences, trees and is a proud intersectional feminist. Prapthi is a community minded individual, constantly advocating for others in her community and hoping to empower as many people as she can. She is passionate about student leadership and encouraging the bright minds in our community. Prapthi is a die-heart poetry fanatic, and uses her love for the arts as a platform to speak up about taboo topics. Prapthi hopes to make difference in the global community one day, and wants to spend her days helping the less fortunate. She plans on carrying forward her passion for humanitarianism into her career in the future. Prapthi is also a dancer, self-acclaimed foodie, queen of puns and the best hugger around. She hopes to touch as many lives as possible through her lifetime.



Kiranpreet Walia
Grade 11, St. Francis Xavier
Vice-President of Community Relations

Kiranpreet is a grade 11 student at St. Francis Xavier. She has worked around her school community and across Mississauga while engaging in poetry and photography. Kiranpreet shows a lot of enthusiasm and is grateful to be a part of Ink Movement. Her recent participation in last year’s Youth Anthropology has led her into joining Ink Movement and she is determined to aid the organization to a more prosperous position. She wants to encourage all youth to show their artistic talents.  Kiranpreet believes that artistic expression not only allows creativity to grow, but also creates a healthy environment for all participants. She states that Ink Movement can help make Mississauga a major youth friendly place. This year, she will be working as a fundraising lead to source all things needed to make Ink Movement’s events successful. Kiranpreet looks forward to meet others who share the same passion for the arts as her.



Rehan Jay Manickam

Grade 12, Turner Fenton.                  

Tech Lead.            

Rehan is a grade 12 student currently enrolled in the IBDP program at Turner Fenton Secondary School. Having moved from Dubai in 2014, he has built a platform and network of like minded people who share the same ideas and values as he does on a plethora of different topics. An aspiring film scorer, Rehan hopes to continue his journey on at Boston’s Berklee College of Music where he can further spread his passion within a culturally diverse community. His involvement in many projects within the school and the JUNOs over the past few years demonstrates his determination and ambition to succeed in everything he chooses to do. He is able to undertake and contribute to projects right from their inception to their completion and hopes to continue fostering positive relationships amongst his fellow students, staff and alumni to leave a mark behind on his community through his passion for music and the arts. With a firm belief in the ability to inspire and be inspired, he looks forward to his journey ahead with Ink Movement.


Khalisa Valani

Grade 12, Glenforrest

Khalisa Valani is a grade 12 student enrolled in the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. She is thrilled to have been given the opportunity to be part of the Ink Movement Executive Team as Editor. Khalisa is passionate about the arts, being an avid reader and writer herself.  She is dedicated to fighting for social justice, and is especially excited to be helping youth in our local community find their voice, using the arts as a medium for expression. Khalisa possesses strong leadership skills, a sound moral compass, and the desire to serve and give back to her community.


Olga Nova
Grade 12, Lorne Park

Olga is incredibly excited to be part of Ink Movement this year, especially as one of the organization’s editors. She loves all things writing and literature, and is always looking for essays to edit. She holds a strong passion for the arts (although music is certainly not her forte) and for providing youth in her community with opportunities to grow. Olga is always busy, running from club to team to event, and while leading her peers, hopes to be a strong and positive role model for others. Creativity, she believes, is the key to making life interesting, and she encourages everyone to tap into their artistic side – something she also believes everyone has. Right now, she’s probably fearfully trying to apply to university, but she’s really looking forward to seeing you at Ink Movement’s next event!


Pujita Verma
Grade 11, Glenforest

Pujita is a grade 11 student enrolled in the IB program at Glenforest. She considers herself a “self-expressionist,” and is into line art, spoken word poetry, and creative writing. Pujita is a strong environmental advocate, and also believes in random acts of kindness. She personally aspires to change the world in every way she can! Her goal with the Ink Movement is to work with individuals to empower them through the arts. Pujita has a lot of interests, and loves to work with the community! Her favourite quote is “I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” She is thrilled to join the team this year as the secretary!

Komal Patel
Grade 12,The Woodlands Secondary School
Anthology Editor

Komal Patel is a twelfth grade student enrolled in the Enhanced Program at The Woodlands Secondary School. She is an avid writer, and excited to be on the INK movement team as an editor of the Mississauga Youth Anthology. Komal also loves to travel, and she is often found with a tune on her lips and a book in hand. Her desire to engage in her community and represent various humanitarian causes has led her to join numerous clubs and youth groups, both inside and outside of school. In the future, Komal hopes to find a vocation which will allow her to help people and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. An interesting thing to know about Komal is that she designs and makes jewellery, cards, and other tactile art pieces to sell and give as gifts.


Tahreem Alvi
Second Year, OCAD University
Graphic Designer

Tahreem Alvi is a second year graphic design student at OCAD University. This will be her third year as a graphic designer for Ink Movement and she is thrilled for what’s to come this year. Every year Ink Movement does bigger and better things and Tahreem is so happy to be a part of it all. Tahreem is a very passionate individual with a love for all things art related. She has recently launched her own magazine with a couple of her friends called AmaizeMag and she is so excited to see where that takes her. In the future Tahreem hopes to establish herself as a designer or illustrator of some sort! But, as of now she’ll enjoy watching films that make her cry at 4am while she waits to own a little group of cats once she’s living out on her own. Check out her work: and


Sally Co

Grade 11, Rick Hansen

Graphic Designer

Sally Co is a Grade 11 student at Rick Hansen. She is most passionate about two things; making a change in her local and global community, and expressing herself through visual art. As a result, she is thrilled and honoured to have a place on the Ink Movement team as a Graphic Designer. Within her school, she is deeply involved in clubs focused on the humanities and volunteerism to satisfy her love of helping others, and makes it a point to contribute by using her artistic abilities, regularly creating visuals to raise awareness for the causes at hand. Sally also holds a position as an aquatics instructor and lifeguard, a job she enjoys immensely as she gets to help, teach, and interact with a diverse range of people. In her free time, you can usually find her losing sleep over her art, as she is constantly drawing (or thinking about it!) To Sally, self expression is extremely important, and she looks forward to being able to help open up opportunities for others to express themselves as well.


Gracie Xia

Grade 12, Turner Fenton

Graphic Designer

Gracie is a senior IB student enrolled at Turner Fenton Secondary School in Brampton. She will be one of the graphic designers for the 2016-17 ink movement term. In her spare time, you can find Gracie drawing, sleeping, taking photos or doing her math homework. In addition, she enjoys writing a lot as well. Gracie specializes in digital art and design and is looking forward to bring some awesomeness to the table this year. Aside from ink movement, Gracie is also involved with youth councils and organizations in Brampton such as BMYC. She asks that you be kind to her this year. To check out more of Gracie's work visit



Kim Nguyen

Grade 11, Glenforest Secondary School

Photographer and Videographer

Kim Nguyen is a Grade 11 Student enrolled in the IB Program at Glenforest Secondary School. She is very excited to be joining Ink Movement Mississauga for the first time as a Photographer and Videographer! Ever since she was a child, Kim always had a passion and love for art and design. Art gave her the chance to voice her feelings, thoughts and opinions at a time where she thought her voice couldn’t be heard. Now, being a part of Ink Movement gives Kim the opportunity to help let the voices of youth across Mississauga and Peel be heard for themselves! Along with photography, film and animation, Kim is also an active graphic designer, layout artist, craftsperson, doodler and recently, she has gotten into poetry and screenwriting! When Kim’s not holding a camera or pencil; you can find her running around on her school’s FIRST Robotics Team, watching YouTube videos 24/7, badly playing video games, reading comic books, obsessing over movies and tv shows or stalking indie artists and their shops.


Jan Ly
Grade 12, Port Credit Secondary School

Jan is excited to be starting his first year with Ink Movement as a photographer and videographer! Currently he is a grade 12 student in the Regional Strings program at Port Credit SS. Jan has always had a passion for photography, filmmaking, and graphic design. As so he is always looking for youth art opportunities in the community and has participated in the Mississauga Youth Film Festival, Toronto Youth Shorts, and volunteered as a photographer for local events. In his free time, you can find Jan making short films with friends, going on photo trips to the 6ix, surfing through Soundcloud, and spending way too much time watching YouTube. Jan looks forward to seeing where this year with Ink Movement takes him!


Grace Kuang
Grade 11, St. Francis Xavier Secondary School
Event Lead

Grace is a grade 11 student in the IB Program at St.Fx. Character-wise, people usually describe her as always laughing, always smiling, and always loud. It might be because she's around 5’1…. Grace absolutely loves learning new things, from cinematography to how to hold a handstand! Meeting new people and taking random adventures into the world is what she says she does best. She loves art because she says it is a mix of thoughts, opinions, and feelings into anything you can recognize with your five senses. She looks forward to a fantastic year with Ink Movement.


Rana Al-Fayez

Grade 11, Glenforrest

Event Lead

Rana Al-Fayez is a grade 11 student enrolled in the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. Rana is both excited and honored to be a part of the Ink Movement executive team as an Event Lead, where she will be working with her peers to organize the annual Spring Conference. Rana wants to live in a world filled with innovative business ideas, long books, and an endless supply of dark chocolate. When she’s not writing in her journal or stuck within the pages of a book, you can usually find her advocating for youth involvement in her community. Rana has strong interests in the environment, and has organized a number of youth-oriented events that aim to promote long-term environmental stewardship in the community. In addition to her environmental pursuits, Rana is also working to organize STEM Conferences and events through her school STEM Team in order to foster opportunities and enthusiasm in her fellow youth. Rana’s ultimate philosophy is to do what you love and love what you do.


Sonya Zhang

Grade 11, White Oaks

Event Lead

Sonya Zhang is a grade 11 student enrolled in the IB program at White Oaks Secondary School. This will be Sonya’s second year on the Ink Movement team and she is the event lead of the annual Poetry Slam. She truly believes in the organization’s mission to make all mediums of art more accessible for young people in the local community. Sonya personally discovered spoken word poetry at Ink Movement’s slam last year and hasn’t stopped being involved with the art form since. Outside of Ink Movement, Sonya enjoys photography, being a part of other amazing organizations and binge watching documentaries on Youtube.


Jacqueline Shi
Grade 11, White Oaks
Event lead

Jacqueline is a passionate and determined student currently enrolled in the IB program at White Oaks Secondary School. In her spare time, she enjoys taking and editing photos, going on adventures in Toronto, and shopping online. As the youth anthology event lead, Jacqueline is excited to show and give youth in the community the opportunity to express their artistic talents, whether that be through poetry, photography, art, or writing. In the future, Jacqueline hopes to inspire other individuals through film and photography; a course in which she thoroughly enjoys at school. She recently won 1st place at the 2016 Eddies for her music video, titled "Happy little pill", and hopes to continue on this exciting journey of making film. She is honoured to be part of Ink Movement and will strive to give youth the artistic and creative opportunities they deserve in the community.


Aleeza Qayyum
Grade 10, Stephen Lewis
School Ambassador

Aleeza Qayyum is a grade 10 student currently attending Stephen Lewis Secondary School. She is ecstatic to help with Ink Movement’s initiatives and raise awareness about this organization in her school and community as a school ambassador. Aleeza views herself as assiduous, curious, and optimistic enthusiast who is highly involved in the community which can be exemplified through her volunteering for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. She has a strong passion for helping others and strongly believes in altruism, and magnanimity. In her free time, Aleeza loves to binge watch Netflix series, go on long expeditions, try new bubble tea flavours, photograph all kinds of nature, arrange music and make cheesy puns. Aleeza values many different fundaments and she hopes that she can influence the world with her perspective and beliefs


Connie Yang
Grade 12, John Fraser
School Ambassador

Connie really has no idea where to start with this bio, so she will just have to rely on some spontaneous creativity. Connie is a senior student who is just trying her best to juggle a circus of courses, extra-curriculars, and sleep. After school, she can be found in either the gym playing badminton, or jamming on the timpani at the back of the band. She also dedicates herself to a humanitarian club that advocates for girls' right to education in developing countries. Currently, her team members fund-raise to financially support the education of a hard-working Tanzanian student, to make her hard work, a little less hard . Once the quasi-dead Connie heads home, she will enjoy some R&R (rest and Reese's)  with her family, or doodle on her homework.
Now here comes the important question. Why did Connie join the Ink Movement? The reason is actually quite simple. As she nears the end of her four years in high school, it has dawned to her mind that the arts are significantly less represented in the student population. No one has ever bothered to notice how accomplished their Arts Council is, or if the school play is selling tickets. Why is this? Another simple answer. It's because they are too busy juggling around a circus of priorities; they no longer have the motivation to draw and sing and write spoken-word poetry. And this is why Ink was created. To fuel that dormant motivation and shed light to that inner Picasso. Bye and thanks for reading!



Andreea Varlan

Grade 12, Applewood

School Ambassador

Andreea Varlan is a grade 12 student enrolled in Applewood Heights SS. For her first year of involvement in Ink Movement, she will be giving her best as a school ambassador. Andreea appreciates working in a team and devoting herself to each of her goals, one at a time. She claims to be a cinephile, an art enthusiast, a foreign language and culture devotee and an occasional guitar player. Having accumulated her volunteer experience in a number of art festivals, most of them on another continent, she is now always on the lookout for such opportunities. Although she is looking forward to pursuing a career on the opposite end of the spectrum, she strongly believes art will remain one of her greatest areas of interest. Also, Andreea is known for throwing random facts from different topics in a conversation, which can translate as a spontaneous and curious nature of being.


Denise Bu

Grade 12, St. Aloysius Gonzaga

School Ambassador

Denise Bu is a grade 12 student at St. Aloysius Gonzaga Secondary School. She is ecstatic to begin her first year with Ink Movement's executive team as a school ambassador! Since as long as she can remember, she has been an arts enthusiast, trying to spread joy throughout her community through her artwork. Although she may not be as artistic as some, she enjoy spending my free time planning, creating and distributing artwork. Ever feel stuck or find it hard to share your rough times? Well, a great form of expression is through the arts! It is a unique way of expressing yourself in any way, shape or form. Apart from art, Denise enjoys playing the piano and playing badminton. She also loves watching Kdramas so recommendations are welcome. Don’t hesitate to contact her; she  loves meeting new people!


Risha Alvi
Grade 9, Gordon Graydon
School Ambassador

Risha  Alvi is a grade 9 student enrolled in the GDM Program at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School. She is honoured and excited to be a part of the Ink Movement exec team as a school ambassador this year. Risha loves all forms of art and has been creating for as long as she can remember. Risha also enjoys listening to music though her taste in music is all over the place.She is a big fan of Books, Movies,  TV Shows and anything supernatural. Other than that,  She enjoys learning new hobbies,  although she never quite sticks to them. Risha views herself as an individual who is highly motivated, determined, and dedicated to the work that she does and possesses a strong passion for the arts.  She looks forward to work with Ink Movement to bring out the creative side of the city.
Her Instagram is @rishaalvii if you want to follow her adventures.