Ink Movement Mississauga

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Maxwell Tran

Founder and Executive Director

Max is a first year medical student at the University of Toronto. In 2012, he started Ink Movement in order to provide opportunities for youth to creatively express themselves. Ink Movement has since published 6 books featuring young writers, artists, and photographers, and has hosted workshops and conferences in Mississauga, Hamilton, and Montreal. Max is thrilled that the narratives of youth across Canada are now being shared. Moving forward, Max is interested in incorporating narrative medicine into his clinical practice as a physician, so he can better understand his patients' narratives of health and illness.

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Sonya Zhang


Sonya Zhang is a Grade 12 student enrolled in the IB program at White Oaks Secondary School. She is ecstatic to have the opportunity to lead the Ink Movement team as President this year. Her personal story with Ink Movement has been long, complicated, and for lack of a better word, transformative. In the past four years, she has gone from not having the guts to submit to the Youth Anthology, to attending executive interviews (despite never being interviewed for anything before), to speaking in front of over 100 people at Ink Movement’s Poetry Slam, to having the privilege of leading the team of almost 40 in her final year of high school. She truly believes in art as a medium for social change, and its ability to create a more informed and engaged society. Outside of Ink Movement, Sonya is passionate about business, spoken word poetry, film, thrifting, and activism.

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Amna Zia


Amna Zia is a Grade 12 student enrolled in the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. She is humbled to work alongside the Ink Movement Team as Vice-President. Her journey with Ink Movement started in her second year of highschool when she led a cultural arts workshop for the 2016 Conference Global tHINK, after which she served the Conference lead for the 2017 Conference Time Capsule. She believes that artistic expression is a necessary tool that allows one to reflect on different paradigms and learn about the patterns in the nature of people. Amna is very passionate about the performance arts, especially the dramatic arts/theatre and film, proper advocacy for mental health and also enjoys public-speaking. In her free time she enjoys writing as providing social services within her community, with aspirations to pursue a career in Biology or Criminal Psychology in the future.


Pujita Verma


Pujita Verma is an IB student in her final year at Glenforest Secondary School. This will be her second year as secretary on the Ink Movement Executive Team. Pujita is passionate about Spoken Word Poetry and loves to perform at events across the city. She also takes an interest in calligraphy and has recently embarked on a journey in photography. Pujita believes that the arts are important in self-expression and works with her school’s student writers guild, and is also working on writing a play for her school. Pujita is thrilled to be a part of the team and looks forward to an incredibly successful year!

Department Heads

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Brian Sun

Head of Technology

Brian Sun is a Grade 12 French Immersion IB student at White Oaks Secondary School. He is a very sociable and approachable individual, and can strike up a conversation with almost anyone. He is an experienced photographer and cinematographer, with skills in graphics design. As of the Head of Technology, he is excited to work alongside a skilled team of photographers, designers and creative individuals to redesign and revamp Ink Movement’s website.


Zijian Zhang

Head of Outreach

Zijian is a grade 12 student at Glenforest Secondary School. He is thrilled and excited that he is assigned the role of Head of Media and Outreach for this year. He holds a strong passion for music and visual arts. While having an odd interest in social sciences, especially human interactions. He's mostly a goof ball who has a spectacular taste in internet comedy, or memes, however you prefer calling it. He believes that mental health should be one's priority, and encourages one to explore and enjoy one's artistic passion for that reason. He believes that one shouldn't have regrets, since every event of one's life is always dependant on one's own choice, which is already a luxury. While you are reading this bio he is probably trying to figure out how to scientifically prove the future using butterfly effect and ripple effect. Man, he's a weird one.

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Tahira Alarakhia

Head of Media Outreach

Tahira Alarakhia is a grade 11 student in the AP program at John Fraser Secondary School. She is excited to be serving the Ink Movement executive team as a Head of Media Outreach for the 2017-2018 year. Tahira believes strongly that expression through the arts can be life-changing as she has been dancing for 12 years, and advocates for social justice in her community and at a larger scale. She is passionate about business and leadership, and is excited to meet new individuals this year!

event leads

Rana Al-Fayez.jpg

Rana Al-Fayez

Event Lead

Rana is a grade 12 student enrolled in the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School. Rana is both excited and honored to be a part of the Ink Movement executive team for a second year as an Event Lead, where she will be working with her peers to organize the annual Anthology. Rana wants to live in a world filled with innovative business ideas, long books, and an endless supply of dark chocolate. When she’s not writing in her journal or stuck within the pages of a book, you can usually find her advocating for youth involvement in her community. Rana has strong interests in the environment, and has organized a number of youth-oriented events that aim to promote long-term environmental stewardship in the community. In addition to her environmental pursuits, Rana is also working to organize STEM Conferences and events through her school STEM Team in order to foster opportunities and enthusiasm in her fellow youth. In her free time, Rana can usually be found on the ice, sewing, or editing her school's newspaper. Rana’s ultimate philosophy is to do what you love and love what you do.

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Khyathi Rao

Event Lead

Khyathi is a part of the IB program at Glenforest Secondary School and is currently in grade 10. Being an art enthusiast, she loves to advocate for increased artistic opportunities in the community. She strongly believes that the arts is a great way to express yourself creatively and passionately. Having volunteered at art camps and art guilds, she has always strived to help youth gain the necessary exposure to art. Khyathi is delighted to be an Event Lead this year! Through Ink Movement, she hopes to build an inclusive platform for youth to express themselves and explore the variety of art forms they can indulge in. What she loves the most about art is its ambiguity; everyone is unique and their perception of a single art piece is also unique. When she is not promoting arts in the community, you can find her reading about the latest invention or trying out new cuisines!


Tanmay Deotale

Event Lead

Tanmay Deotale is a grade 12 student at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary. He joined ink movement to help his skills in event organization come to light. While not having much experience with the council before, Tanmay is certain that he can find his place. He believes that art is a way to bring many different people of Mississauga together through ways that other youth organizations can’t. Outside of ink movement, Tanmay is interested in business management and participates in many extracurriculars such as student council.



Emi Roni


Emi Roni is a grade 12 student in the International Baccalaureate program at Glenforest Secondary School. She is currently an editor with Ink Movement, and is looking forward to working with the team on empowering youth through the arts. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching a variety of films, documentaries and television shows, volunteering and spending time with friends and family. She hopes to one day complete her bucket list which includes learning American Sign Language, being an extra in a movie and 84 other things.

Seerat Rehman.jpg

Seerat Rehman


Seerat is a Grade 12 student at Rick Hansen SS. In school, she spends her time contributing to clubs where she gets to help her peers make the most of their experiences. Her love of art by way of all things written has led her to her first year on the Ink Movement team, where she will be working as an editor. Reading and writing are her favourite pastimes and Seerat can often be found with ink-stained fingers and her nose buried in a book. She is a determined individual who has an eye for detail, and she loves working with others to give back to her community. Seerat hopes that her interest in social justice and personal empowerment will inspire others to find topics they are passionate about. She is very grateful for this opportunity to help build a community where artists are free to find their voices and start conversations about pertinent issues.


Suzy Attaei


Suzy is a 12th grader at White Oaks Secondary School. She is looking forward to this year as an editor at Ink Movement. She has been writing poetry since she was eight years old and believes that art is an integral part of life. Suzy is advocate for the rights of all, as she is an intersectional feminist. She supports women’s involvement in fields including sciences, mathematics and, business. She believes art is a method of causing and driving change in the world. She plans on continuing to contribute to her community throughout her life. She is also a proud aunt, sister, daughter, and, book-lover. She hopes that her involvement will give others a platform for voicing their experiences. 


Adrian Aliu.jpg

Adrian Aliu

Graphic Designer

Adrian is a grade 12 student at Glenforest Secondary School that is interested in pretty much everything. He loves to learn about the world around him and hopes to eventually become really educated and knowledgeable. His favourite methods of expression are via writing raps or visual arts. He loves going on adventures everywhere to locations that have appeared in his past and places that will appear in his future.

Cecilia Tsang.jpg

Cecilia Tsang

Graphic Designer

Cecilia Tsang is currently a grade 12 student at Glenforest Secondary School. She is super excited to start her first year with Ink Movement as one of the Graphic Designers. As a child, she has always been interested in the visual arts field because it is an activity that she can express herself without worrying about any limitations and there is always room to grow. Aside from doing art, she enjoys listening to music, reading, watching Youtube videos and making puns. She wishes to inspire other artists through her artworks and looks forward to meet others who share the same passion as her.

Maham Momin.jpg

Maham Momin

Graphic Designer

Maham Momin is a twelfth grade student at Gordon Graydon.  She is passionate about all things art, especially Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, and Painting. She loves the joy it brings her when she can create something with her own hands that she can be proud of. She hopes she can continue doing art as a career but for now she’s focusing on growing and developing her creativity. She hopes she can touch the lives of others with her art, and hopes that she can do great things for Ink Movement as well.

Sally Co.jpg

Sally Co

Graphic Designer

Sally is a senior at Rick Hansen Secondary school and she is thrilled to be a part of Ink Movement for her second year as a Graphic Designer. Sally is very passionate about making a difference, and as a result, she is an executive member of her school's humanities club and mental health awareness club, in which she strives to help people in her local and global communities. She also adores her job swim instructor at her local YMCA because she loves helping others and working with children. In her free time, you can find Sally losing sleep by making art, stressing out, or getting excited over dog videos on the internet. She believes that self expression and taking pride in who we are is extremely important, so she hopes she can help others express themselves through Ink Movement's opportunities!

Arav Dagli.jpg

Arav Dagli


Arav Dagli is a grade 9 student attending Mentor College. He is thrilled to be a member of the Ink Movement exec team, in the role of a photographer. Arav views himself as an individual who works hard to accomplish what he does, and who puts his all into everything. He is passionate about many different issues and topics, one of them being art. He has a great passion for photography, which is easy to see, as he is always taking photos. He has a huge appreciation for the natural landscape, and photographing it is one of his favourite things to do. He tries to be a leader, a smart person who can set himself apart, but most importantly a good human being with morality and ethic. A fun fact about Arav is that his favourite sport is cricket, and he plays rep level.


Usman Ghani


Usman Ghani is a 12th grade student at T.L. Kennedy. He is passionate about photography and being able to capture moments with the same amount of beauty as looking at something directly. He’s been taking pictures for 2 years and has mastered how to use a camera and use it to its full capability. He hopes to do engineering in the future but for now he hopes to do great things for Ink Movement and touch the lives of others.


Jacqueline Shi


Jacqueline is a grade 12 IB student at White Oaks Secondary School. This is her third year on the Ink Movement team and she is thrilled to be helping out as a photographer! In her spare time, she enjoys taking portraits, finding new locations to shoot, and making new films. At school, Jacqueline is running the "Humans of Woss" page, in which she hopes to share stories of individuals through the medium of photography and art!

Steven Van.jpg

Steven Van


Steven Van is an eleventh-grade student who currently attends school at The Woodlands Secondary School. He is very excited to document his year with Ink Movement through the images he takes. Steven loves to travel and is often found reading success and business books. He is working toward a future where he can express himself in photography & videography. He wishes to meet & connect with people with the same levels of creativity as him and experience new things.

Waris Zahoor.jpg

Waris Zahoor

Video Editor

Waris is a grade 9 student currently enrolled in the AP program at John Fraser Secondary School. He is excited to be a part of Ink Movement as a videographer. In his free time, he loves to learn more about computer related skills such as video editing and programming. Waris joined Ink Movement because he loves learning new things and wants to help make a positive impact to his community. He loves all types of art, although he is not the best at them. Waris also enjoys listening to a wide variety of music whenever he can, from indie rock to rap. He views himself as a dedicated, motivated, and hardworking individual. Waris sincerely believes in what Ink Movement is doing, which is allowing youth to express themselves through the arts.h the arts.



Isra Amsdr

School Ambassador

Isra is a grade 11 student attending Applewood Heights. Isra is an aspiring visual artist who passionately advocates for the importance of strong mental health. She uses her time creating reflective pieces of art that radiate her emotions in the period being. She avidly turns every one of life’s situations into art that emits emotions, allowing others to connect to the story being expressed. As she focuses on breaking the stigma revolving around mental health, her desire is to create a global movement through the lasting effects of art therapy. She may not necessarily have a plan after high school, however, she is more than certain that art will play an integral role in guiding her future. If she’s not caught up in an art project, Isra occupies herself through journaling, reading, and loosing herself on ridiculously long runs. Art has developed into Isra’s main form of communication, and she hopes to someday inspire others to do the same.


Hunnain Atif

School Ambassador

Hunnain is a senior at Glenforest Secondary School and he is eager to be part of Ink Movement for his first year as a school ambassador. He became compelled to apply when he came to witness the great art present in the peel region at the Ink Movement’s poetry slam. Hunnain is passionate about the arts especially photography and painting. He strives to help people in the local community gain an awareness and appreciation for art. In his spare time, you can find Hunnain reading, panicking over work, or eating food. He believes that individuality is something that everyone needs to embrace. He hopes he can help get others involved in the community with relation to the arts through Ink Movement’s opportunities!

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Kiran Bassi

School Ambassador

Kiran is currently a grade 12 student at St. Joseph Secondary School. This is her first year with the Ink Movement and she is very excited to work with youth from all around Mississauga to create projects that brings diversity amongst the youth. She views herself as a determined and hardworking individual, looking to bring a positive impact on the world. She enjoys volunteering for charities, festivals and events across Mississauga. She is passionate for helping others and creating an open and optimistic environment for everyone. She hopes to pursue a career where she is able to bring an affirmative change to the world around me. She looks forward to using her interest for the arts to bring attention to current world issues. Her interests include travelling, reading, photography and watching Netflix series such as Suits and Scandal. Once again She looks forward to this 2017- 2018 year and working with new people.


Nishka Gupta

School Ambassador

Nishka is an Ambassador for Ink Movement's 2017-2018 Executive Team. She attends Central Peel Secondary School and is truly inlove with the arts. When she was at a young age she realized how important they were to her. She enjoys creative writing the most. She wanted to spread the arts around because they liven up our world. She joined this youth organization to help create a place where everybody can express themselves.

Elliot Lam.JPG

Elliot Lam

School Ambassador

Elliot Lam is a Grade 12 student attending The Woodlands Secondary School. He is super excited to be with Ink Movement for a second year as a School Ambassador.  He was initially attracted to become a part of Ink Movement due to his passion for the arts — especially in painting and drawing. He became compelled to apply after learning about Ink Movement’s mission of giving opportunities to youth for self-expression through various art forms. Witnessing powerful words at the poetry slam and engaging with different students across Peel through Ink Movement’s annual arts conference have been some of many moments where he has seen Ink Movement’s mission come alive. He can’t wait to see where Ink Movement will soar to this year!



School Ambassador

Saher is grade 10 student who is very excited to work alongside Ink Movement as an ambassador. She enjoys drawing, listening to music and taking care of animals. Saher loves learning new things and wishes to travel the world in the future.


John Miranda

School Ambassador

John is a grade 12 student at St. Josephs Secondary School. John ecstatic to be part of the Ink Movement this year as a school ambassador. During John’s time in high school he felt that the youth in the community needed more opportunities to share their talents and voice, and so he began to spread opportunities ranging from volunteering to joining clubs such as Ink Movement. John is very determined, ambitious, open minded, creative, and outgoing individual. He puts the thoughts and needs of others into first priority, and is determined to touch and change as many lives that he can. He hopes to make a difference locally and globally one step at a time, and plans on continuing his passion for helping other onto a greater scale. John also loves to play sports especially hockey, dance, perform magic tricks, take photos, and try something new every single day. He hopes that this year he can influence and impact as many lives as possible, and have a blast while doing so.